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Ol-Kis - Olympus-Kissavos - Greece

Ol-Kis, (Olympus-Kissavos, Greece)Ol-Kis, (Olympus-Kissavos, Greece): a network of tourism businesses working to develop tourism, build capacity and promote the area of Kissavos and Mount Olympus. Ol.KIS is a network of tourism businesses working in the Olympus and Kissavos massifs. It was created in 2008 and now has some 30 members who all work to develop tourism and promote the local area. Olympus and Kissavos are lucky to have a relatively balanced economy. 30% of people work in farming or livestock-rearing, while some 25% are involved in local food processing operations, leaving just less than half working in the service sector where tourism still dominates. OL.KIS also has producers and processers among its members and they also participate in its actions to enhance and promote the local area. OL.KIS is based in Velika and has a permanent office in the nearby city of Larissa.

ERT project coordinator for Ol.KIS: Nikos DagasOn the path of the gods from the Aegean Sea to Olympus 01
Tel: +30 6932292086
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