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Udruga Brac - Island of Brac - Croatia

Udruga BracUdruga Brac is a cultural association fuelled by a passion for Brac’s island heritage and promoting it as part of wider socio-economic development on the island.
Udruga Brač - the Association for the Development of the Island of Brač - was created in 2008, with the aim of preserving and promoting all that is precious about Brač. The association’s main focus is on educating and training the island’s residents in sustainable development as well as preserving their identity within the European Union.   
Transport links between Brač and the continent are good and the island is remarkably well-connected. However, the growth of different sectors of the island’s economy is primarily influenced by where people live and some parts of the island are still quite far from the established communication channels.   This is why the overriding task the association has given itself is to offer residents useful information and essential education to reduce social exclusion and help them benefit from equal rights with citizens of the European Community.
Udruga Brač strives to forge links between all residents of Brač and other citizens of the European Union by taking part in transnational cooperation projects such as EuroRural Tourism.

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