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Lamoro Development Agency - Italy

Lamoro Development AgencyLamoro Development Agency (Italy): a local development company for the area of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero in the Southern Piedmont, supported by 50 local municipalities and chambers of commerce.
LAMORO (Langhe Monferrato Roero) Development Agency was formed in 1995 as a joint venture supported by more than 50 public authorities (Municipalities and Chambers of Commerce) in rural South Piedmont. Its mission is to foster a sustainable economy based on local resources, promoting territorial identity and enhancing human resources.
Favouring public-private partnerships, it uses a ‘quadruple helix’ approach to network and identify concrete answers to the growing needs in different sectors (green economy, energy efficiency, social needs, cultural and environmental heritage, equal opportunities, employment).
LAMORO is very active on the European stage and has helped the territory grow by managing and allocating European, national and regional funding, with a special focus on sustainable and inclusive growth. It also supplements its local development mission with transnational projects so local organisations can benefit from sharing good practice and innovative methods with other countries.

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