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In 2011, the cultural landscape of the Serra de Tra¬muntana was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. As you’ll see, it was not nature itself, but human activity that makes it so special. The cul¬tural landscape of the Serra comprises thousands of terraces built on precipitously steep slopes, trails, as well as dry stone walls and buildings. These man-made features have not destroyed nature but have integrated harmoniously with it, thereby creating a quite unique part of the world. The Serra de Tramuntana is a highly-prized jewel of Mallorca that sparkles with ingenuity. You can see this in the dense network of traditional water channels, which are the fruits of continual labour and have been developed, altered and adapted since the 13th century to optimise rare and pre¬cious water resources. Alongside the natural net¬work of rivers and streams, it contributes to the beauty of the cultural landscape of the Serra and provides visual proof of the close symbiosis be¬tween human activity and the environment.

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«Sa Roqueta» The other Mallorca

The other MallorcaFar from the crowds, you’ll seek out local culture and traditions proudly upheld by the Mallorcan people of the Serra de Tramuntana (a UNESCO world heritage site). With its magnificent agricultural terraces, charming villages, dry stone lanes, fishing and fine cuisine, this culture-packed getaway from mountains to sea reveals the most secret and intimate side of the island.

8 days/7 nights
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«Sa Roqueta», the other Mallorca 34.6km

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