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Dumfries and Galloway is a region in South West Scotland. Dum¬fries, its biggest settlement, is an ancient county town of just 35,000 people, while its rural heart is dominated by large expans¬es of forest, moors lochs and mountains. Just a glance at the map will help you appreciate why it is often called “secret” Scotland as it is ignored by most visitors, who tend to concentrate on the Scottish Highlands and its glens and islands, Scotch whisky, stags, eagles and remote castles. But, Dumfries and Galloway has all of these and much more besides. There is a huge variety of landscapes that give you a flavour of Scotland all in one. It has wild areas of hill and moor, rocky and sandy shorelines, towns and villages of character and history, friendly people, excellent food and drink producers and a wealth of artists and craftspeople that are part of the long-standing and highly popular Spring Fling festival. Because it is little known, there is plenty of space and peace for walking, cycling and exploring, however, this is also a challenge for developing the regional economy as with such a sparse rural population, there is no critical mass to attract inward investment. People have to be innovative and entrepreneurial and this will immediately become apparent when you visit as the appeal is not only in the beautiful landscapes but also in the rich and rewarding exchanges you have with local farmers, producers and volunteers who love and protect this delightful and undiscovered part of Scotland.


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Galloway: a cocktail of activities to discover the rural heart of Scotland

Galloway a cocktail of activities to discover the rural heart of ScotlandThis activity-packed holiday offers you the chance to discover the outstanding natural and cultural qualities of rural Galloway, in Scotland. You’ll ramble and cycle through picturesque rural countryside, along spectacular coastlines, taste and make fine local produce and help local community volunteers on conservation projects that will also unleash your creative talents!

8 days/7 nights
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