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The Piedmont region is Italy’s second biggest region after Sicily. Boasting a wide variety of mountain and lowland landscapes, with the emphasis on the former, the Piedmont excels in the promoting and disseminating its culture in all forms, both nationally and internationally. As a result, the region is home to many cultural organisations and movements that have been working for years to promote the area, improve the quality of life, and boost tourism, in synergy with private sector businesses. This extends to food, with fine local produce and the Slow Food movement and intangible food-related cultural heritage, like recipes. But, efforts also focus on recovering and restoring the region’s many architectural and natural heritage sites. Folk and traditional craft traditions are strong, as is the historical memory linked to all this, with an emphasis is on redesigning and reusing the wider heritage for cultural ends.

Langhe, Monferrato and Roero are three localities in the Southern Piedmont where centuries-old human activity has shaped the hills and valleys into unique and beautiful landscapes of vineyards, orchards and market gardening. As time went by, onerous labour-intensive farming gave way to agro-food activities that try to conserve the landscape in its original form. UNESCO recognised this and awarded it “vineyard landscape” world heritage status in 2014. This is all very well, but the region must remain a living landscape and not be frozen in time, like a waxwork. Fortunately, many local residents are still very closely linked to the land, the age-old secrets to how it is managed and maintained and all the related cultural and folk traditions linked to the fruits of the soil.

The Southern Piedmont has never been a typical destination for conventional tourism, so it still holds many secrets to discover through close encounters with local people and the natural environment.


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A countryside getaway and taste sensation in the Southern Piedmont

A countryside getaway and taste sensation in the Southern Piedmont This holiday takes you deep into the beautiful Southern Piedmont countryside to explore the rolling hills and valleys of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, one of the most famous wine regions in Italy. Here, in this UNESCO world heritage site, you’ll discover the dexterous symbiosis of nature and man that has created a unique environment and unearth some little-known, secluded wild spots just waiting to be discovered.

5 days/4 nights
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