Greece  Thessaly – Olympos and Kissavos

Your Greek voyage of discovery stretches from the mythical Mount Olympus (2,917m) all the way to the Aegean seashore, in central Greece. The Kissavos massif (1,978m) is in the middle and marks the boundary of the vast Thessaly Plain, Greece’s breadbasket. A mild climate and surprisingly lush vegetation make it ideal for mixed farming, but also for outdoor activities and sports. By contrast, Olympus, home to the twelve Gods of ancient Greece, is a high and wild mountain. Shepherds tend their flocks that graze on the aromatic plants and herbs in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to produce delicious dairy products, like the famous feta cheese.
The impressively deep Tembi Gorge separates Olympus and Kissavos. Here, Bearded Vultures glide above the Pinios River before it flows into the Aegean Sea in a wide and peaceful delta where fishermen and birds share the spoils.

This secret corner of paradise will surprise you with a wealth of landscapes and cultural heritage. There’s a spontaneous warm welcome from local community and local farming festivals provide the opportunity for music and dance. The coastline has other surprises in store for you. Easily accessible sea caves and beautiful turquoise waters brimming with sea life invite you to swim. Such a gorgeous location has also attracted its fair share of weddings too…! Greece and mythology are inseparable and Kissavos is no different. Here, Philoctetes reigned from the ancient city of Melivia which stood for several millennia. Enthusiastic archaeologists are working on-site to unearth his story and wait for you to bring history to life again.

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Olympus-Kissavos : walking on the path of the gods

Olympus - KissavosFrom the slopes of Mount Olympus, this holiday takes you to the Kissavos massif to unveil an enchanting, authentic and unexplored side of Greece, far from the crowds. You’ll meet, warm and friendly, down-to-earth local people (farmers, fishermen, craft makers, volunteer groups, etc.) keen for you to share in their daily lives. You’ll feel the depth of the connection between traditions and the land and of course, prepare local foods and taste unique flavours all under the eyes of the Gods looking down from nearby Mount Olympus.

8 days/7 nights
Holiday retailed by www.olympusadventure.com

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The path of the gods, along the Pinios river

The path of the gods, along the Pinios riverThe picturesque Tembi Valley and the Pinios River provide your route of discovery from the Aegean Sea to the mythical Mont Olympus. Along the way, you’ll discover the remarkably untouched Kissavos massif, a small corner of Greek paradise where you’ll meet local people and share in their daily lives. You’ll gather fruits and vegetables, prepare traditional dishes and get up close to nature, all under the eyes of the Olympian gods.

8 days/7 nights
Holiday retailed by www.polizostours.gr

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Along the Pinios River 45.7km
From the Aegean Sea to Olympus 50.3km

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