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This Southern French Department has something of a split personality. There’s the hustle and bustle of Avignon, with its hugely popular summer festival, cruise ships on the Rhone and top heritage sites like the Pope’s Palace and yet, less than an hour’s drive east, you can find peace and tranquillity deep in the countryside, far from the madding crowd.

From the foot slopes of Mont Ventoux via the Monts de Vaucluse, the Gorges de la Nesque, all the way to the Luberon, the Vaucluse offers a varied palette of wild Provencal landscapes of dry stone and garrigue and endless fields of stunningly fragrant lavender. Water, though often unseen, is nevertheless plentiful and a dense network of canals built in the 1850’s transformed the plains into France’s market garden of fruit and vegetables. Farming traditions still hold strong today, but the dangers of rural depopulation and ageing communities pervade. That said, the land is an increasingly fertile ground for entrepreneurs and artisans, keen to rejuvenate traditional rural skills in the modern economy, like dry stone masonry and natural well-being products and therapies.
In common with the Ventoux, it is this intimate and profound connection between people and the land that lets visitors really experience the virtuosity and flair of rural folk in this rural idyll, just a short distance from the city.

The majestic 1,911m-high “Giant of Provence” dominates the Provencal countryside and has long been a source of inspiration and achievement for poets, writers and brave cyclists. The mountain bears all the hallmarks of man’s influence over the centuries. Once bare, due to reckless over-exploitation, it was reforested in the 19th century and nature once again abounds in the woods, pastures and screes, with deer, chamois and many birds of prey. Its foot slopes retain a rural appeal, with a wide range of farming activities from Cote du Ventoux vineyards, cherry, apricot and truffle orchards and aromatic plants. While all might seem well, the farming economy remains uncertain and fragile, especially with external forces of globalisation competing with local products. To counter this, communities and local development agencies, like the SMAEMV, promote the connection between the land and local products, quality and health attributes that marry great taste and well-being based on a strong relationship with cultural landscapes and environmental protection. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve protects this special place from the effects of mass tourism and provides a driver for sustainable discovery-orientated tourism that respects the countryside and the people that live there. It is a mecca for outdoor activities, like hiking, biking and horseback riding. These all depend on careful use of natural assets, together with efforts, like ERT, to project an image of excellence in sustainable, responsible tourism that benefits the local economy and empowers local communities.


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Roaming the dry stone trails of Provence

Roaming the dry stone trails of ProvenceThe Monts de Vaucluse and the Luberon, in Provence, are two magnificent landscapes that remain virtually unspoilt and intact. Sculpted over the centuries by the remarkable arts and talents of rural folk, you’ll discover them through countryside excursions and hands-on heritage workshops in some outstandingly beautiful, yet little-known, sites.

8 days/7 nights
Holiday retailed by APARE-CME

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Discovering the sanctuary of lavender

Discovering the sanctuary of lavenderThis holiday is all about discovering fragrant lavender landscapes in full bloom. You’ll also meet local lavender farmers who’ll teach you the secrets of cultivating, harvesting and distilling this precious flower. Hike in lavender country, meet local farmers and learn about time-honoured traditions of lavender farming.

6 days/5 nights
Holiday retailed by www.provence-authentic.com

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4 seasons on the farm at the foot of Mont Ventoux

4 seasons on the farm at the foot of Mont VentouxA truly immersive experience into the relationship between food, farming and landscape under the gaze of the Giant of Provence! You’ll stay at a friendly family farm set in biodynamic vineyards, cherry orchards and olive groves to see, and participate in, the work all year round, respecting both tradition and the environment.

 7 days/6 nights
Holiday retailed by www.provence-authentic.com

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A sensory adventure under the gaze of Mont Ventoux

A sensory adventure under the gaze of Mont VentouxA 7-day semi-roaming adventure to see the mythical Mont Ventoux in all its guises, with adventure, relaxation and culinary delights in the most beautiful town and villages of Provence. You’ll venture out each day from Malaucene, Sault and Montbrun-les-Bains to discover the region with a local guide and free time to satisfy your curiosity.

7 days/6 nights
Holiday retailed by www.soprovencesoalps.com

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