Croatia - Island of Brač

Brač lies just off the coast from Split. It is one of the largest Adriatic islands, covering 395 km2 and rises to 778 m peak of Vidova Gora, offering splendid panoramic views out over the island and mainland. Brač is the island of sun, stone and sea and just setting foot on the island, it is easy to find relics of its ancient dry stone heritage, dating back to the Illyrian period, 2000 years B.C. Its pure white stone has travelled far and adorns some of the world’s most prestigious building like the White House, or the UN building atrium in New York. Aside from its ancient quarries and monuments, Brač has plenty of charming small villages and towns, so typically Mediterranean with their small squares, churches and narrow lanes. The countryside too holds plenty of appeal with a strong agricultural sector (livestock farming) and natural spots brimming with wonderfully scented aromatic and medicinal plants growing wild.

The island faces challenges to reduce its dependence on a short summer “sun and sea” tourist season and develop smaller-scale, value-added, sustainable tourism in its rural heart based around the quality of local foods like vitalac, or promoting the stone carving and dry stone building skills of its stone masons. Inevitably, some of the awareness and value attached to local traditions and culture has been lost under the assault of mass-tourism, but the island’s local development agents are well into a long-term initiative to reconnect local residents with the value of their local heritage and the holiday developed by EuroRural Tourism is part of this process.

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Discover the true essence of Brač, at the heart of the Adriatic

Discover the true essence of Brač, at the heart of the AdriaticAs a marked departure from your typical Adriatic island beach holiday, this refreshingly different package takes you to the heart of the remarkable island of Brač. Far from the popular tourist routes, you’ll experience sublime island landscapes, learn to pick island herbs and taste some of the best gastronomy the island has to offer. Brač is also world-renowned for its white stone and you’ll see some wonderful rural architecture and all that the stone and island people have left us in the landscape over time.

8 days/7 nights
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